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Alterscope RTM

Real-time Monitoring & Alerting

Product UI Walk-trough

You can find the RTM product under the Monitoring tab
By pushing the + button one can create a new subscription
While each subscription we offer will have slight variations in customizations, here are some generic parameters that we plan to include in all of them:
  • Name: This is the subscription name, and it will be included in the notifications we send so that users can identify which notification corresponds to which subscription.
  • User Name: This field may not be included in future iterations, but as of now, it represents your name and will also be included in the alerts you receive.
  • Delivery Channel: Currently, we exclusively support Discord notifications as the delivery channel. However, in the future, we have plans to include additional channels for your convenience.
    • Discord Webhook: To receive notifications via Discord, you'll need to set up a webhook from your Discord server. You can find instructions on how to create a Discord webhook here.
  • Block State: Ethereum transactions can be in one of four main states:
    • Mempool: This indicates that the transaction has not yet been included in any block.
    • Latest: This means the transaction has been included in the most recent block. While this option provides the quickest reaction to blockchain events, please be aware that block reorganization events can occur, potentially causing the transaction to be removed from the chain.
    • Safe: This state occurs when 32 blocks have been added after the block that included the target transaction. At this point, the transaction is considered approximately 70% less likely to be removed from the blockchain.
    • Finalized: When 64 blocks have been added after the block containing the target transaction, it reaches the "Finalized" state. Transactions in this state are highly secure, with a minuscule chance of being removed from the blockchain, approximately 99.9999% less likely.
Tip: Hover your mouse over each field to get more detailed information
After you have created a subscription it will be included in your monitoring page:
You can get more information by clicking on your subscription
You can delete your subscription via the delete button

Currently Supported Notification Types

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