Summary Tab

This page provides details about the summary tab mentioned under overview of the Alterscope App.

The Summary tab is listed under the Overview tab on the upper left when a user clicks on a specific blockchain project. See the screenshot below for reference.

Components of Summary Tab

Here is a breakthrough of what information is listed under the Summary Tab. The information is categorised into following sections.

Details about each section is provided below with screenshots.

DeFi Project Overview

This section contains links related to DeFi project social handles(Discord and X), website documentation, and repository. Category: In this context, "category" may denote either a protocol(e.g. DEX, Lending, Stablecoin, etc.)and chain. See screenshot below for reference:

Score Chart and Overall Score

This section defines the score and score chart for the selected protocol across different time intervals(7days and 1 month). Time intervals can be switched between 7days and 1 month using the 7D and 1M buttons on the upper right above the score chart(see screenshot below) .

Score Chart: Alterscope calculates an overall score for every protocol or chain project. The alterscope score chart represents the total score over time intervals, such as 7 days and 1 month. Overall Score: Alterscope calculates an overall score for a protocol or chain project by considering various factors that contribute to its performance and viability. These factors include decentralization, social engagement, development activity, tokenomics, liquidity, and security.

DeFi Project Description

A self-descriptive project description is provided for a particular DeFi project. Click on the screenshot below for more information.

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