This page provides an overview of profile section in Alterscope app.

  1. Head to Alterscope homepage and log in using your credentials.

Note: If you haven't signed up yet, please refer to the sign up instructions.

  1. Upon logging in, you will be directed to the Alterscope dashboard, where you can find a comprehensive list of DeFi projects along with essential terms. Refer to the screenshot below.

  1. Click on Profile button(located on the lower left) of Alterscope dashboard. The profile button is highlighted in white box in screenshot below.

  1. Clicking on the profile button will redirect you to the My Profile dashboard, where your created CRFs and subscribed alerts will be displayed under My Risk Frameworks and My Signals.

Note: Profile name in the screenshot above is hidden under a black box for privacy purposes. The actual profile dashboard will list your profile username.

Next Steps

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