Create a New CRF

This page will provide step by step instructions on how to create a new Cryptocurrency Risk Framework(CRF).

  1. On the home page of the Alterscope app, navigate to the Frameworks Tab within the Alterscope app menu. This tab is indicated by a highlighted white box in the screenshot provided below.

  1. Click on the "Create New" button situated in the upper right corner to create Cryptocurrency Risk Framework (CRF). This button is also highlighted in the screenshot below for reference.

  1. Specify details for the new CRF(Cryptocurrency Risk Framework).

When building your own risk framework there are five sections to specify as mentioned in the screenshot above.

  1. Add Model: Set up models and their ecosystems

  • In this section, you will define and incorporate various models along with their respective ecosystems into your risk framework. Models can include blockchain platforms like Ethereum, NEAR, Bitcoin, as well as layer 2 solutions like Optimism, zksync, Aurora, and Polygon. Each ecosystem brings its own set of risks and factors to consider, which will be integrated into subsequent sections of the framework.

  1. Model Parameters: Configure model formulas and other parameters

  • In this section, you will specify the parameters and formulas for the model within the framework. This involves adding key risk parameters, determining their weights, and establishing calculations to assess the level of risk associated with each parameter.

  1. Overall Model: Set Formula for Overall Model

  • In this section, you will devise a formula to aggregate the individual models into an overall risk model. This could involve assigning weights to each model based on its importance.

  1. Risk Tiers: Set Risk tiers for score representation

  • In this section, you will establish risk tiers(in terms of percentages) to represent the range of risk levels identified by the framework.

  1. Access

  • This section governs who has access to the risk framework and how it is utilized. Access controls may include permissions for viewing, editing, or administering the CRF(Cryptocurrency Risk Framework).

To know how to specify details for each section of creating CRF check link to their relevant sections below:

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