Step 2: Model Parameters

This page provides step-by-step instructions on how to setup model parameters for Cryptocurrency Risk Framework(CRF).

  1. Click on Model Parameters, which is highlighted in black box in screenshot below.

  1. Upon clicking the Model Parameters section, the app will provide options to select a model formula, frequency, and provide a description for the model. Refer to the screenshot below for guidance.

Note: A Model frequency defines a interval after which a model reruns. For example daily frequency model will rerun every 24 hrs.

  1. To access the parameters for the Model Formula, click on the white box labeled Tap to add formula under the Model Formula heading. This is highlighted in the screenshot below.

  1. All parameters necessary for creating a formula will be listed under the Parameters section. For a descriptive list of parameters related to the formula, please view the Table of Parameters here.

  1. Now, select Parameters, assign Parameters Weight, and use Formula Operators to create a formula. Afterward, click Save. An example formula created for reference is displayed in the screenshot below.

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