Step 3: Overall Model

This page provides step-by-step instructions on how to set formula for overall model.

  1. Please click on the Overall Model section, which is highlighted within a black box in the screenshot below.

  1. Specify a Overall Formula Name and click on the blank box under Overall Formula to select multiple formulas. The blank box is highlighted in screenshot below.

  1. Selecting the empty box under Overall Formula will prompt the Set Overall Formula window to appear. Please refer to the screenshot below for guidance.

  1. Now search and select the name of formulas created at Step 2 : Model Parameters from Formulas section. The section is highlighted in screenshot below.

  1. Click the formula under Formulas section to populate the Formula Weights and Formula box. These boxes are highlighted within black boxes in the screenshot provided. You

  1. Once the formula weights and formula are set, you can add more formulas using Formula Operators and proceed to click on the Save button. This button is highlighted in black in the screenshot below.

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