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This page provide step by step instructions on how to view and manage CRF's (Cryptocurrency Risk Framework).

  1. On the home page of the Alterscope app, navigate to the Frameworks tab within the app's menu. This tab is indicated within a white box in the screenshot below.

  1. Within the Frameworks section, choose a Cryptocurrency Risk Framework (CRF) to access detailed information. A CRF is highlighted in black box in screenshot below for reference.

  1. For further insights into a specific CRF, click on the Learn More button associated with the chosen CRF to delve deeper into its details.

  1. The Alterscope app provides comprehensive information regarding each CRF (Cryptocurrency Risk Framework). Refer to the screenshot below for guidance.

Lets breakdown all the information regarding CRF in the screenshot above as headings below.

Risk Framework Name: This section specifies the unique identifier for the risk framework. In the screenshot above its named My CRF.

Subscribers: Indicates the number of subscribers who are using this risk framework.

Views: Denotes the total number of times this risk framework has been viewed.

Risk Framework Parameters: Details the specific parameters and components of the risk framework.

Risk Framework Frequency: Specifies the frequency at which the risk framework is updated.

Risk Framework Formula

a) A method used to calculate risks within the framework.For more information regarding the method click on the method dropdown arrow under Risk Framework Parameters. The dropdown is highlighted in screenshot below.

b) Clicking on the dropdown arrow will list supported chains, protocols, and table of parameters contributing to risk framework formula. See screenshot below for reference.

Risk Tiers

Breaks down the risk levels into tiers based on certain thresholds.


  1. Tier 1

    • Range: 0% - 10%

    • Label: risk-tier-1

  2. Tier 2

    • Range: 10% - 21%

    • Label: risk-tier-2

  3. Tier 3

    • Range: 21% - 100%

    • Label: risk-tier-3

CRF Score

Information about the overall risk score generated by the risk framework formula.

a) Key Metric History: Chart illustrating CRF scores over different intervals, such as last 3, 5, and 7 CRF scores.

b) For a list of generated CRF scores click on See More on the upper right. The See More button is highlighted in screenshot below.

c) Clicking on See More button will list the overall model scores with model score chart over different number of scores(upto 100 model scores).

d) Clicking on the dropdown arrow of each model score to get more information about different models contributing to the overall model result. See screenshot below for reference.

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This section will display all other CRFs created by the same user whose CRF details you are currently viewing. Please refer to the screenshot below for more information.

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