Simple Moving Average Alerts

Set and customize Simple Moving Average (SMA) parameters to receive personalized alerts based on specific token price trends.

A Simple Moving Average (SMA) is a popular financial indicator used in technical analysis to analyze and smooth out price data over a specific period of time. It is primarily used in the context of stock market analysis, but it can also be applied to other financial instruments like currencies, commodities, and indices. The SMA is a straightforward and commonly used tool for traders and investors to identify trends, potential reversals, and key support or resistance levels in the price of an asset.

Common uses of the SMA in financial analysis include:

  • Trend Identification: When the price of an asset is above its SMA, it's often seen as in an uptrend, and when below, it's considered in a downtrend.

  • Support and Resistance Levels: SMA lines can act as support (when prices are above) or resistance (when prices are below), helping traders identify potential buy or sell points.

  • Crossovers: Traders watch for moving average crossovers, where a shorter-term SMA crosses above or below a longer-term SMA, which may signal a change in trend.

Keep in mind that while SMAs can be valuable tools, they are just one of many indicators used in technical analysis, and they should be used in conjunction with other tools and analysis methods to make informed trading or investment decisions.

How to setup Simple Moving Average alerts

  1. Under Signals section click on Add Subscription button under Simple Moving Average. The button is highlighted in black box in the screenshot below.

  1. Clicking on Add Subscription button will prompt you to fill in essential fields to create a simple moving average price alert subscription. Fill in the fields and click on Add button (located below the input fields). Please refer to the screenshot below.

    Note: Description regarding the fields is provided below the screenshot.

Fields Description

  • Name: Name for the Alert.

  • Username: The username is a unique identifier displayed when alert is received.

  • Delivery Channel: This field outlines the chosen communication platform for receiving simple moving average alerts. Currently Discord and Slack is supported.

  • Webhook: A webhook is a mechanism that allows automated messages to be sent from one system to another. Currently the discord and slack webhook is supported to receive notifications. You can find instructions on how to create a discord webhook here and slack webhook here.

  • Token Address: This refers to the address of the specific token for which you would like to receive the Simple Moving Average (SMA).

  • Window Size: When calculating a Simple Moving Average, you choose a fixed number of past data points, often referred to as the "look-back period" or "timeframe." In our notifications, each window represents a 12-second time interval. Currently, we support window sizes of 50, 100, and 200, allowing you to customize the SMA calculation based on your trading or investment strategy.

  1. Upon clicking on the Add button, a subscription notification popup will be displayed on the lower left. See the snapshot below for reference.

  1. An example of Simple Moving Average price alert received on discord is provided below for your reference.

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