Network Congestion Alerts

Network Congestion Alerts inform users about high levels of congestion or increased activity on a blockchain network.

Our Gas Price Alert Mechanism is crafted to keep users well-informed about the fluctuating gas prices on the Ethereum network. By vigilantly tracking these changes, our system promptly notifies users when gas prices surpass their predetermined limits. Understanding gas price trends is essential for users to interpret network activity and congestion levels, which can be indicative of abnormal market events or shifts in user behavior.

When users receive a notification, it comes with important details like the current gas price, the transaction urgency levels (fast, standard, slow), and a timestamp of the event. This real-time data empowers users to discern if there's a surge due to increased transactional activity, possibly signaling a network-wide panic or a rush to move assets in response to unfolding events.

How to setup Network Congestion Alerts

  1. Under Signals section click on Add Subscription button under Network Congestion . The button is highlighted in black box in the screenshot below.

  1. Clicking on Add Subscription button will require you to enter important fields to create a network congestion alert subscription. Fill in the fields and click on Add button (located below the input fields). Please refer to the screenshot below. Note: Description regarding the fields is provided below the screenshot.

Fields Description

  • Name: Name for the Alert.

  • Username: The username is a unique identifier displayed when alert is received.

  • Delivery Channel: This field outlines the chosen communication platform for receiving alerts. Currently Discord and Slack is supported.

  • Webhook: A webhook is a mechanism that allows automated messages to be sent from one system to another. Currently the discord and slack webhook is supported to receive notifications. You can find instructions on how to create a discord webhook here and slack webhook here.

  • Fear Index: This represents the level of fear and tracks various parameters such as market volatility, protocol vulnerabilities, security breaches to provide an overall assessment. Specify a minimum fear index value(min > 1, max< 1), once a bigger fear index than the specified threshold related to that particular network arises the user will receive a alert.

  • Gas Limit: Specify the minimum gas limit(in percentage) for performing transactions on blockchain network. Once a bigger gas cost related to that particular network arises within the system, the user will receive a alert providing the gas change percentage.

  1. Upon clicking on the Add button, a subscription notification popup will be displayed on the lower left. See the snapshot below for reference.

  1. An example of network congestion alert received in discord is shown below for reference.

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