Defimon Notifications

Defimon Notifications are provided to us by the firm Decurity. They are providing a lot of information about the overall status of the ecosystem. The security notifications are however based only on a part of the information that we are gathering from them. This part are the attacks that they are detecting. The information that they are providing in the moment consist of the following fields:

  • Time of the Attack

  • Network of the Attack ("Ethereum Mainnet" or "Binance Smart Chain" for now but there are more to come)

  • Severity ("Low", "Medium" and "Critical) - show how severe the attack is.

  • Alert ID - What kind of vulnerability was used for the attack.

  • Attacker Address - what is the address of the human attacker behind the attack. For the most part it is a blank address because they are using mixers so that they cannot be traced.

  • Exploit Address - because the attacks are fairly sophisticated and involve a lot of steps and logic which has to happen in a quick succession they are done through an exploit smart contract which contains the logic behind the attack. This field contains the smart contact behind the attack.

  • Victim Address - This is the smart contact address of the victim of the attack.

  • Transaction Hash - This is the transaction hash which initiated the attack.

  • Block Number - This is the Block number in which the attack has been verified.

  • Block Timestamp - This is the Unix timestamp in which the block of the attack has been verified.

Example Alert

An example of Defimon security alert received on Discord is provided below for your reference.

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