Protocol teams

1. Make informed decisions on protocol integrations

Description: Terms like crypto, digital assets, and DeFi applications are often used interchangeably without clear definitions. Yet, they commonly depend on one or more crypto protocols. Standards for risk assessment on DeFi's technical fundamentals haven't been established. Even for professionals, assessing the implications of investing in one protocol over another is challenging.
Value proposition: Assessing risks associated with technical fundamentals is complex due to the need for a multitude of on- and off-chain data, which is difficult to access, process, and standardize. Alterscope integrates this data in real time, providing a comprehensive risk overview for protocol integration in applications.
Alterscope product features:
  • Dashboard
  • Comparison tool
  • Risk scores

2. Enable risk-adjusted vault rebalancing

Description: Rebalancing digital assets in DeFi requires specific input signals. Alterscope introduces a risk-adjusted perspective for rebalancers, offering synthesized risk scores and pertinent risk-related data in real time.
Value proposition: Alterscope delivers a decentralized, scalable tech stack that seamlessly integrates with smart contracts and decentralized applications. It provides risk-related intelligence to decentralized applications.
Alterscope product features:
  • Customizable risk scoring (via API or on-chain)
  • Risk-related data for protocols that set up their own risk scoring system

3. Assess composable risks (“Know Your Stack”)

Description: DeFi's composable and interdependent tech stack presents significant complexity in tracking and assessing potential risks and their interdependencies.
Value proposition: Assessing all potential upcoming risks in crypto and DeFi is a formidable challenge. Alterscope tracks over 300 risk-related parameters, covering critical interdependencies such as liquidity connections between protocols, digital assets, and underlying blockchains.
Alterscope product features:
  • Dashboards
  • Customizable risk scoring (via API or on-chain)
  • Risk scores

4. Create transparency for protocol stakeholders

Description: n decentralized finance, risk management often falls on end-users, necessitating thorough research. However, few individuals possess the resources to fully understand the risks involved. Both incumbent and new protocols must provide credible risk information to attract and retain liquidity and contributors.
Value proposition (how we help to solve a specific problem): Alterscope enables protocols to integrate easily understandable risk scores, enhancing transparency for end-users and liquidity providers. As an impartial third-party, Alterscope also offers credibility and can provide community dashboards with detailed risk metrics upon request.
Alterscope product features:
  • Dashboards (and custom community dashboards)
  • Customizable risk scoring (via API or on-chain)
  • Risk-related data (via API)
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